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Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 18 18:28:54 PST 2007

wow Chris Heidelberg

  totally opposite my work place where any respondent information  
disclosed means a possible 5000 dollar fine for me and a possible ten  
years n jail. I work for Statistics Canada.

everything in aggregate nothing disclosed.

and consent is basically legally required mean you can not refuse to  

these above comments are not official and only me talking informally  
on an email list and I in no way can represent my employer in my own  

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On 18-Dec-07, at 7:32 PM, Heidelberg, Chris wrote:

> I sent cover letters with consent forms; I used my iPod as an audio
> recorder; I used my professional Canon XL camera to video tape  
> consent;
> I used text messaging; I used Facebook; I used my weblogs; and I used
> electronic mail too to demonstrate the many ways that edutainment and
> convergence could be utilized. At the end of the day, the  
> combination of
> email interviews, audio and video conversations; and the blogs were
> utilized for both consent and verification of all interviews and
> follow-up conversations.
> I utilized multiple online sources to publish my data with advanced
> consent of my subjects for my qualitative study, and my subjects
> required that I use their identities because they were media
> professionals in multiple cities. I utilize video and audio  
> interviews,
> but everything revolved around the convergence of the Internet where I
> sent all questions, received responses, conducted interviews, made
> follow up calls, and clarified all responses via email before  
> posting my
> results.
> In fact, my entire dissertation was based on open sourced research, so
> anonymity was not an issue for my study. As a producer, writer and
> director, I am used to using anonymity for certain types of stories  
> but
> my case study was also very ethnographic in nature and the subjects  
> were
> made aware that the research would be open from the beginning. This  
> type
> of study may have been more difficult for folks who do not work in the
> media industry but my subjects had no problem speaking on camera or  
> via
> the Internet.
> My topic was Edutainment & Convergence: How Can Entertainment  
> Techniques
> and Technology Be Utilized In Higher Education From The Perspective Of
> Entertainment Professionals.
> You can check out the summary of the findings in a few weeks. I am
> celebrating the holidays, but the research will continue. This thing
> snowballed and now I new potential subjects finding me because I  
> work in
> the business.

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