[Air-L] Where Are You?

Dominic Pinto dominic.pinto at ieee.org
Wed Dec 19 12:31:18 PST 2007

James Watt wrote:
> At 01:12 PM 12/19/2007, Barry Wellman wrote:
>> I recently did an interview with a smart reporter, Eric Weiner, from
>> NPR (US National Public Radio). In it, I opined that one of the most
>> prevalent Qs when people talk on mobile/cell phones is "Where are you"?
> I don't know the facts of this case, but it does raise an intriguing 
> question in my mind: If ubiquitous communication breaks down 
> geographical limitations, as many have assumed, why would a question 
> about physical location be the most prevalent thing people ask? Why 
> would it matter where you are if all geographic locations are 2 
> seconds away on speed dial? I have some data-free suspicions, but I'd 
> be interested in others' ideas.

Anecdotally, but fun: a friend reported when on a trip (flight?) on the 
London Eye that fellow travellers were excitedly calling up their 
friends and screeching where do you think I am! And presumably then 
sending pretty pictures of London from n feet above the Thames.

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