[Air-L] snide, cute, ignorant, surprising

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 24 12:02:29 PST 2007

Sorry I should have read this piece (Our Lives in Digital Times,  
November 10, 2006) first by my employer Statistics Canada and

Sciadas, George


Available in French too.

apparently paper consumption is up world wide. I really have to stop  
relying on business news to make statements.

again sorry

On 16-Dec-07, at 10:48 PM, Peter Timusk wrote:

> Internet is bad message in the newspapers. I note newsprint  
> companies are down on the stock market at least one big Quebec  
> company is way down for a few years now. Paper is on the way out  
> apparently. Unless a newspaper is selling me the latest gadget they  
> are negative on the Internet because they feel they compete (IMHO).  
> This is also why some newspapers are so off with their web sites  
> and have not got it right. I have not seen a lot of articles in my  
> daily paper about open source for instance.

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