[Air-l] C&T 2007 Workshops announced

Charles Steinfield steinfie at msu.edu
Fri Feb 2 15:55:27 PST 2007

Dear colleagues,
The workshops for the Communities and Technologies 2007 Conference  
are now announced on the C&T web site:

All workshops are actively soliciting participants now.  This year's  
workshops include:

1.  Community Informatics Beyond the Case Study: Using the TOP Data  
Archive; Organizers: Kate Williams and Ann Bishop
2.  BOF - Between Ontologies and Folksonomies: Tools and  
Architectures for Managing and Retrieving Emerging Knowledge in  
Communities; Organizers: Dario Maggiorini, Alessandro Provetti, and  
Laura Anna Ripamonti
3.  Past, Present, and Future Impacts of Communication Technologies  
on Healthcare Communities;  Organizers: Pamela Whitten, Michael  
Mackert, and Lorraine Buis
4.  Digital Cities 5: Urban Informatics, Locative Media and Mobile  
Technology in Inner-City Developments; Organizers: Marcus Foth and  
Fiorella De Cindio
5.  Studying Interaction in Online Communities: From Data Sources to  
Research Results; Organizers: Thomas Lento, Howard Welser, Eric  
Gleave, and Marc Smith
6.  Communities of Practice in Highly Computerized Work Settings;  
Organizers: Aditya Johri and Volker Wulf
7.  ICT for Business Clusters in Emerging Markets, Organizers: Souyma  
Roy, Shantanu Biswas, and Kurt DeMaagd
8.  Social construction and implications of research infrastructures;  
Organizers: Peter van den Besselaar and Rob Proctor
9.  The paradox of communication: Towards a society of inattention?  
Organizer: Filippo Dal Fiore
10.  Memory practices in computer-mediated communities: a research  
methods workshop, Elisabeth Davenport and Howard Rosenbaum
11.  Public Practices, Social Software: Examining social practices in  
networked publics, Organizers: danah boyd, Nicole Ellison, and Scott  
12.  Coaching community leaders on community cultivation and  
technology integration, Organizers: John D. Smith and Lauren B. Klein
13.  Implicit Online Communities, Organizers: Mu Xia and Wenjing Duan

With best regards,

Charles Steinfield, Brian Pentland, Mark Ackerman, and Noshir Contractor
Conference Organizers
Third International Conference on Communities and Technologies
Michigan State University

conference email: cct2007 at msu.edu
conference website: http://ebusiness.tc.msu.edu/cct2007/

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