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T.L. Taylor tltaylor at itu.dk
Fri Feb 9 14:03:34 PST 2007

Might be of interest to some on the list. Please feel free to 
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Two Associate/Assistant Professorships in Game Development

The IT University is seeking applications for two positions as 
Associate or Assistant Professor of game development. Candidates 
should demonstrate a commitment to innovation in game development and 
enthusiasm for multi-disciplinary work that brings together students 
and faculty from a range of backgrounds. The ability to conduct 
research at the highest international level within game development 
and the technical aspects of game production is crucial. Relevant 
areas of research and teaching are:

- Game AI,
- Game Interface Design and Playtesting,
- Game Development and Project Management,
- Software Engineering for Game Development,
- Game Systems Architecture,
- Game Graphics and Animation

We are particularly interested in candidates working on innovative 
interfaces (be it hardware or software), AI for narrative and 
storytelling, technologies to support new game forms (casual, 
open-ended, sandboxes, etc.), and independent game development & 
distribution methods. The successful candidate must document 
internationally recognized research and have experience with teaching 
and curriculum development.

The Media Technology and Games program is an international English 
language program that focuses on game design, analysis, and 
technology (for more information visit http://www.itu.dk/mtg/). 
Students follow a shared core curriculum and specialize in either 
design & analysis or technology. The program has a strong commitment 
to project work and collaboration amongst the students on actual game 
productions. We seek applicants who are enthusiastic about helping 
build a games program and are interested in teaching & supervising 
students who are focused on analyzing and developing games. 
Candidates must themselves be pursing a strong research program in 
the field of game research & development and the ability to attract 
external funding is also highly valued.

The IT University is a multi-disciplinary, research-based institution 
with 30 faculty drawn from computer science to the humanities. We 
provide graduate education to more than 1000 students in a range of 
areas and will be starting a bachelor's program in software 
development in 2007 (for more info about our programs visit 
http://www1.itu.dk/sw5211.asp). Faculty are expected to actively seek 
external funding for research, to establish relations with 
organizations outside the university (from companies to non-profits), 
and, at the Associate level, be capable of and prepared to supervise 
Ph.D. students. Faculty also are core contributors in the development 
of their research group. The Center for Computer Games Research group 
(http://game.itu.dk) currently consists of 6 people including two 
associate professors, one assistant professor, and three Ph.D. 

For full information about application procedures please visit 
http://www1.itu.dk/sw58262.asp. Application deadline is 16 April 2007 
at 12:00 noon. Questions about the position can be directed to 
associate professor T.L. Taylor, Center for Computer Games Research, 
IT University of Copenhagen, tltaylor at itu.dk, +45 7218 5035.

Please make sure to use <mailto:tltaylor at itu.dk>tltaylor at itu.dk
(not my GMail account) for correspondence.

T.L. Taylor, Associate Professor and
     Head of Media Technology and Games Study Line
Center for Computer Games Research
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 7218 5035 (tele) / +45 7218 5001 (fax)
tltaylor at itu.dk / http://www.itu.dk/~tltaylor/

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