[Air-l] research/ers on Diaspora and brain drain?

Charles Ess cmess at drury.edu
Sat Feb 10 06:50:24 PST 2007

Dear AoIRists,

At a recent meeting on African Information Ethics (the first ever for Africa
- and a wonderful conference!) in Pretoria, South Africa, a colleague raised
questions about possibilities of using the Internet / Web (I've taken a
liking to "the World Wide Inter-Web" from a recent movie...) vis-à-vis the
problem of African scientists moving abroad in Diaspora and the brain drain
that that Diaspora represents.

I know that a number of AoIRists have pertinent research, experience, and
suggestions for contacts (including self-nominations) that would be very
useful indeed to forward to our colleague, who is working with a number of
agencies to develop strategies for using the WWIW (smile) to help offset
such a brain drain.

We would greatly appreciate your forwarding those suggestions either to me
offlist or with the list at large.  I'll compile these - including possible
contacts - and then send them on to our colleague in S.A.

Many thanks in advance!
- charles
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