[Air-l] Web 2.0 – “the machine is us…”

Clifford Tatum clifford at u.washington.edu
Sun Feb 11 14:58:26 PST 2007

Greetings all,

This 5-minute video was recently posted on YouTube, by Michael Wesch  
at Kansas State University, and provides a really cool introduction  
to Web 2.0.


In the run up to the Vancouver abstract deadline I talked with a  
number of colleagues about Web 2.0 research. Although we seemed to  
have an implicit agreement on the definition of Web 2.0, based on  
O’Reilly’s technology / functionality / commercial oriented  
definition, it appears that a 'formal' definition is still very much  
in progress.

 From a research definition perspective, I’m looking forward to the  
AoIR-8 presentations in Vancouver, where a Web 2.0 definition will  
surely expand and evolve.

 From a pedagogical perspective, I will likely use Wesch's video as  
an introduction into Web 2.0 discussion, and then perhaps supplement  
it with the O’Reilly piece.


I’m interested in how others are defining/teaching Web 2.0. Also,  
does anyone have a favorite reference for Web 2.0?


Clifford Tatum
Doctoral Student
Dept. of Communication
University of Washington
clifford at u.washington.edu

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