[Air-l] (Re)introduction to group

Tyrone Adams, Ph.D. theswampboy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:04:44 PST 2007

Hello all,

I first joined a(o)ir sometime in the first year or two of the
organization's existence, but, sadly, switched institutions around 2000 and
lost my subscription to the list.  I'm just getting back into the
cmc literature pretty heavy, and see a(o)ir all over the Web.  Good to
see!!!  I want to renew my membership to this here fine association and
attend the next convention...!

 Where do I send the check and how much is it fer?


Also, I see proposals being accepted for the next convention.  Anyone given
any thought to Lafayette, Louisiana?  Cajun Country is a real hoot.  I'll
throw a crawfish boil for everyone involved, if you are so inclined to come
down this way.  We have Delta (Atlanta), Continental (Houston), and
Northworst (Memphis) -- all coming into Lafayette Regional Airport.


BTW -- I released an Internet literacy book in 2006, with a coauthor named
Sharon Scollard out of Canada.  If you are interested in a basic "how to"
book, mixed with basic theory, see _Internet Effectively_ on Addison-Wesley
Computer Publishers.
Here's da link fer da book:

Tyrone L. Adams, Ph.D.
Richard D'Aquin Associate Professor of Journalism and Communications
Department of Communication
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
P.O. Box 43650
Lafayette, LA USA 70504
Direct Phone: 337.482.6077
Facsimile: 337.482.6104

"One can resist the invasion of an army
but one cannot resist the invasion of
ideas."    --Victor Hugo

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