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Maciej Kos kos at gnu.univ.gda.pl
Mon Feb 5 11:47:56 PST 2007

Hi Ted,

Strange as this may sound - I asked the same question a few days ago to 
ask.yahoo.com but got no reply ;-)
OK, I am sure that you have probably already visited most of these links 
but in a rare case that you overlooked one or two of them:

A list of statistical bureaus in Eastern and Central Europe:

Directorate for Education

UN links:

EuroStat links:

And the EuroStat itself:

About 0.0867 of the Polish population is studying for a PhD in Poland. I 
could ask how many Poles have a PhD, if it is of any interest to you.

These are well known but I could ask some pedagogics professors that I know.
Hope this is on any help to you.

Kind Regards,

>After beating my head against the digital wall for a while, I decided to access our collective intelligence.
>I am looking for statistics on the percentage of national adult populations who have earned a graduate degree. I have this information for the US (for the curious out there, as of 2005, 6.8% hold Masters and 1.5% Ph.D.), but have been unable to track down similar stats for any place else. Undergrad information is easy, the grad stuff is proving more challenging. I suppose it is a matter of knowing where to look.
>Broader information on regions, say Asia, Latin America, or Europe as a whole would also be helpful.
>Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
>Ted M. Coopman
>Department of Communication
>University of Washington
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