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Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 6 01:59:50 PST 2007

As in Ireland the data is gathered in our census in Canada. I am  
actually employed to archive the census at present so I am answering.  
But the data you are looking for is not always asked of every  
Canadian to reduce response burden. Every kth Canadian is asked  
instead. Recently k=5.

visit www.statcan.ca here you must search yourself.

as in Australia the data is mostly free these days. Although there  
are software products that contain census data.

Peter Timusk,
B.Math statistics (2002), B.A. legal studies (2006) Carleton University
Junior Statistical Clerk Statistics Canada
Systems Science Graduate student, University of Ottawa (2006-2007).
just trying to stay linear.
Read by hundreds of lurkers every week.

On 5-Feb-07, at 12:30 PM, Ted M Coopman wrote:

> All,
> After beating my head against the digital wall for a while, I  
> decided to access our collective intelligence.
> I am looking for statistics on the percentage of national adult  
> populations who have earned a graduate degree. I have this  
> information for the US (for the curious out there, as of 2005, 6.8%  
> hold Masters and 1.5% Ph.D.), but have been unable to track down  
> similar stats for any place else. Undergrad information is easy,  
> the grad stuff is proving more challenging. I suppose it is a  
> matter of knowing where to look.
> Broader information on regions, say Asia, Latin America, or Europe  
> as a whole would also be helpful.
> Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly  
> appreciated.
> -TED
> Ted M. Coopman
> Department of Communication
> University of Washington
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