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Good luck! You will have to know someone and have that person vouch for
you because this has really gone underground thanks to the MPAA and RIAA
series of international raids and successful lawsuits all over the
globe. They may think you are a narc, so be careful. However, the RIAA
and MPAA have plenty of stories, position papers, and releases on these
groups and how they caught them. The most recent group that I have found
as an ancillary part of my research for my upcoming defense was in
Russia. Lessig has written several good books that can give you the
legal history of technology disruption and intellectual property
lawsuits. Consider the history of Napster, Morpheus, eDonkey, Limewire
and more when looking for articles.The lawsuits are interesting too. You
can actually Google them and it will lead you to articles. I would look
at Good Morning Silicon Valley which has done a lot of articles and
commentary on the subject. Look at Lawrence Lessig's website. Also, you
can try Fisher who wrote the book Promises to Keep on this subject in
2004. He's a Harvard researcher.Also look at the software trade group
site for their positions on piracy.That's how I found some things. Also,
look at the EFF site. Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation and
similar groups are defenders of fair usage through ripping. 

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 Dear all,

I am researching the groups who 'rip' commercial CDs and vinyl for
peer-to-peer distribution and wondered if anyone had come across any
reading on this phenomena. The only article I have been able to find
addressing this subject specifically is:

Cooper, Jon, and Daniel Harrison. 2001. "The social organization of
audio piracy on the Internet." *Media, Culture and Society* vol. 23, no.
1, pp.

Any suggestions as to material, especially on audio, or film 'rippers',
or indeed software 'cracker' groups, would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Andrew Whelan
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