[Air-l] - Re: Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?"

Christophe.Prieur at liafa.jussieu.fr Christophe.Prieur at liafa.jussieu.fr
Tue Feb 13 09:45:39 PST 2007

> That's pretty awesome for an academic presentation of any kind!
> Does anyone know of other examples of academics who've made things
> online like this that actually do have some academic content and that
> have become wildly popular?

Erm... i remember some web page about rationalism in the work of Spinoza
but well... pagerank was not even thought of yet, let alone technorati.
But it was definitely cool, and it even had a style sheet.

Does Alice's speech about her social network chart in the beginning of
L-word Season 1 Episode 2 count for academic content?
:o) again.

Seriously, i'm not sure this (really nice) video teaches anything to
anyone that has not been taught already, since its popularity is ranked
from *inside* the 'small world' of web2.0.
But i agree with the fact that it's good material for an introductory
lecture or discussion, even though the medium hardly allows skepticism,
which is in my point of view quite a requirement for an academic content.

> PS: Clifford, if you get any off list interesting refs. on this I will be
> very interested, so please mail me.

So will i.  A digest on the list would be great.

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