[Air-l] Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?"

Anders Fagerjord anders.fagerjord at media.uio.no
Tue Feb 13 10:48:32 PST 2007

Den 13. feb. 2007 kl. 16.12 skrev Jill Walker:

> Does anyone know of other examples of academics who've made things
> online like this that actually do have some academic content and that
> have become wildly popular?

It's not online, but the most parallell example in my memory is Scott  
McCloud's _Understanding Comics_, a theory of comics written/drawn as  
a comic book.

Depending on how you define academic (no, I do not want to open that  
discussion again), Jacob Nielsen's _Alertbox_ (http://useit.com/ 
alertbox) used to be interesting and research-based back in the day,  
before it degenerated into plugs for his own expensive seminars.

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