[Air-l] Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?"

Ulf-Dietrich Reips ureips at genpsy.unizh.ch
Tue Feb 13 14:52:15 PST 2007

At 22:29 Uhr +0000 13.2.2007, Alexis Turner wrote:
>Did you perchance read the link I supplied before, in which I outlined what I
>thought the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 was?  Mind you, it was a short
>thought piece, but if it really sucked so badly that you can't tell what I
>think the difference is and/or if you disagree with my assessment, let me
>know and I'll consider revising it.
>Full source: http://redheadedstepchild.org/destruct/?page=001753
>Cliff's notes: creative search and navigation capability
You there write: "The incredible thing is that it offers a radically 
new approach to managing and finding information. Web 2.0 offers both 
information and tools, if you will, where Web 1.0 offered only 
information. Methods like XML, RSS, AJAX, and tagging, sites like 
del.icio.us or netvibes - these offer methods more powerful than 
search engines and hyperlinks for understanding, and finding, how 
information is connected. They improve the ambient findability of 
relevant material, communities, peers, and ideas."
So, wouldn't this mean that "Web 2.0" started with Google search? Or 
... wait... it started with Yahoo catalogues. No ... wait ... it 
started with Netscape inventing Livescript (now Javascript). No, hey, 
it must have started with the implementation of Web *forms*. Uh oh, 
and soon we are in TBL's office in Geneva looking at the first Web 

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