[Air-l] Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?"

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What I like most about the Actor's Studio, besides it is a perfect
research model, is that contrary to popular belief it utilizes
qualitative research methods that range from biography to case study
approaches and it is interactive in the live event and electronic
feedback that students or viewers can provide online to the producer.
The host is a Broadway producer but also a reknowned professor in the
field of communications and theatre arts. This show is downloaded
heavily on iTunes which is why it was placed on iTunes in the first
place. I had mapped out my own approach for my research that I was able
to merge with this established method.

The History Channel, Discovery Networks and National Geographic provide
wildly popular shows, along with PBS and NPR (both have done well with
new media)but the show that utilizes the standard classroom with
qualitative research and interactivity and the ability to review through
downloading and streaming is the Actors Studio on Bravo. The History
Channel stuff is great but it is more of the traditional approach which
I find interesting, but my research indicates that the interactivity
combined with this approach and the use of entertainment techniques has
the stickiness factor.


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On Tuesday 13 February 2007 11:14, Heidelberg, Chris wrote:
> Engineering An Empire with Peter Weller and Modern Marvels on The 
> History Channel.

I've seen and enjoyed both.

Engineering An Empire is faster-paced, and probably better for classroom
The episode about Caesar bridging the Rhine was particularly good.

Modern Marvels covers a far wider subject area. I find a few of the
episodes drag a bit.

Either could be very useful in the classroom.


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