[Air-l] IPv6 (Re: Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?")

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Thu Feb 15 16:13:00 PST 2007

Indeed, you're right - I had forgotten about things like the NTT 
deployment, and wasn't thinking so much about the transit carriers  [I 
obviously need to do some reading, as that space is *very* interesting 
from a technical POV.].

Thanks for the detailed response :)


On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Bram Dov Abramson wrote:

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> Subject: [Air-l] IPv6 (Re: Web 2.0 - "the machine is us?")
> <elw at stderr.org>, Thu Feb 15 13:15:46 PST 2007:
>> I don't know of any non-experimental hosts that are reachable
>> by IPv6.
>> If someone anecdotally knows of a 'biggie' that is routing/advertising
>> IPv6 services, I'd love to hear about it.
> I don't know a great deal about it, but I think IPv6 deployment has been 
> beyond that for a little while now -- somewhere around where the IPv4 
> backbone was in, say, 1990, i.e. mostly research institutions, with some 
> use beyond that.
> This Teleglobe (if it's still branded that way) press release 
> advertising its IPv6 transit service -- a commercial offering -- claims 
> 20 ISP customers and interconnections at a few well-connected Internet 
> exchanges, including AMSIX in Amsterdam, HKIX in Hong Kong, and an 
> Equinix service run from its facilities, in this case in the DC suburbs: 
> <http://www.vsnlinternational.com/news/release-view.asp?d=20050914>.
> And the directory for NY6IX, which has been run out of the 60 Hudson St. 
> facility in NY for a while (and is now apparently called "Big APE" [!]), 
> includes a number of Internet transit providers who'd really have to be 
> called "biggies", if anyone is, advertising IPv6 IP addresses for 
> interconnectin within the Big APE service.  Besides Teleglobe they 
> include Cable & Wireless, France Telecom, Internet Initiative Japan, 
> Qwest, and Sprint.
> All of which is far from wide non-research use, 'course.  But it's 
> certainly something.  I don't know how updated or used it really gets -- 
> they list only NTT (Japan) as an IPv6ed ISP -- but see also 
> <http://wiki.go6.net/index.php?title=Main_Page#IPv6_Readiness_Status>, I 
> guess.  It includes a bunch of IPv6-reachable hosts running Web services 
> (what you were talking about) as opposed to backbones which can route 
> them natively, meaning without IPv4 wrappers on either end (what I've 
> been prattling on about).
> cheers
> Bram
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