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Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 20:43:38 PST 2007

We had a long discussion on digital graffiti so it may
be worth looking there.

I just noticed [from books.google.com] but I think
this takes an overal 'human rights' perspective - and
I'm not sure that would tie directly into intent.

The Ethics of Cyberspace
By Cees Jan Hamelink 
Published 2000
Sage Publications Inc 
Computers / General Information 
ISBN 0761966692 
In this book, Cees J Hamelink proposes an answer to -
how should democratic societies organize cyberspace? -
that puts human-rights, rather than profit, at the top
of the agenda. He argues that conventional ethical
approaches are all seriously flawed. There is a
growing volume of moral rules, netiquettes and codes
of conduct, but they are of little help in solving the
moral dilemmas raised by the new technologies. In this
book the author analyzes the inadeqacies of current
global governance policies and structures that
underpin them, and argues for standards which put
justice, human security and freedom first.

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