[Air-l] Call for Abstracts

Lorraine Buis buisl at msu.edu
Tue Feb 27 13:44:56 PST 2007


We are seeking abstracts for additional participants in a workshop titled
"Past, Present, and Future Impacts of Communication Technologies on
Healthcare Communities" to be presented at the 3rd International Conference
on Communities and Technologies Conference at Michigan State University in
East Lansing, MI from June 28-30, 2007. This workshop is devoted to the use
and impact of communication technologies in healthcare communities. In the
course of the last two decades, we have seen incredible advancements in the
use of communication technologies within the healthcare industry. These
technologies have enormous potential to enhance many different sectors
within the healthcare community such as promoting patient data availability
and access to healthcare providers as well as improving the care of
specialized communities of individuals including those with low literacy as
well as remote/underserved groups in developing countries. This workshop is
devoted to exploring the applications of communication technology in
healthcare that have the potential to build and enhance communities of
healthcare providers and patients. In addition to exploring different
applications, we will also focus on reviews of pertinent research findings,
culminating in an interactive discussion between workshop participants
focused on setting an agenda for future research that will help to improve
the delivery of care and health related information to these specialized

Themes of the Workshop: 

1. Applications of current communication technologies in healthcare such as
telemedicine and eHealth endeavors, including specialized telemedicine
programs, electronic medical records, online health information for low
literate populations, the use of online support groups, etc. 

2. Pertinent findings from research conducted on the use of communication
technologies in healthcare. Topics include efficacy of technologies, patient
and provider acceptance, and possible and realized barriers to
implementation and adoption. 

3. Determining the future of the use of communication technologies in
healthcare communities. This theme will be addressed through an interactive
discussion between presenters and workshop participants with the goal in
mind of setting a research agenda for future applications that will help
improve the delivery of care and health-related information to specialized

Abstracts should be sent to Lorraine Buis, workshop coordinator, at buisl AT
msu DOT edu by midnight, March 30, 2007. Abstracts should be no more than
300 words long and should be focused on communication technologies in
healthcare and their impact on one or more healthcare communities. A review
panel will identify appropriate participants for this workshop and notify
the authors of their acceptance. Abstracts will be judged on the
appropriateness in regards to the identified workshop topic as well as
quality of work. 

For more information, please visit the workshop description and call for
abstracts at https://ebusiness.tc.msu.edu/cct2007/page4c.html or contact
Lorraine Buis directly at buisl AT msu DOT edu. 

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