[Air-l] How Much Information / Information Growth

Semenov Alexander semenoffalex at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 27 20:25:03 PST 2007

Actually I think that you need to specify, what kind of information growth
you are interested in. Information as digital data, as www content, amount
of literature, mass media or scientific publications?
If you are interested in scientific aspect of information, perhaps the
following article will be useful for you. It explains the principle at work
in ISI Web of Knowledge. There you can find some statistics of journal
articles and perhaps it's references may help you somehow.
Testa, J., The Thomson Scientific Journal Selection Process [Retreived 1
January 2007] Available at
Best wishes,
Alexander Semenov.
P.S. I wonder - when did the notion of "information" separated from notion
of "knowledge" in philosophical sense? Isn't it connected with emergence of
computers, Internet, etc.? Does anybody have any ideas about it?

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