[Air-l] social class and online community

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I received some very helpful replies to this question. Thanks  
everyone!! Much appreciated.

Here's a compiliation  of the references since some were received out  
of list:

Farquharson, K. (2006) "“What Do You Do?” the Disclosure of Class  
Online". in AoIR 7, Brisbane, Australia

Peter Sawchuk’s (2003) ‘Technology and Adult Learning in Adult Life’,  
Cambridge University Press is excellent, though not specifically about  
online communities.

Walker, S. & Creanor, L. (2005) Crossing complex boundaries:  
transnational online education in European trade unions, Journal of  
Computer Assisted Learning 21 343-354

Creanor, L. & Walker, S. (2005) Learning architectures and the  
negotiation of meaning in European trade unions, ALT-J 13(2) 109-124

Creanor, L. & Walker, S. (2005) Trade Union Use of ICT in Learning, TUC

'New Patterns of Power and Participation? Designing ICT for Informal  
and Community Learning'

John Cook,  London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
Ann Light, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom

Iske, S., Klein, A., Kutscher, N. (2005):
  Differences in web usage - social inequality and informal education on  
the internet. In: Social Work and Society, Volume 3 (2005), Issue 2.
  URL: http://www.socwork.de/IskeKleinKutscher2005.pdf

Otto, H.-U./Kutscher, N./Klein, A./Iske, S. (2005):
  Social Inequality in the Virtual Space: How Do Young People Use the  
Internet? Results from Empirical Research about Online Use Differences  
and Acquiring Patterns of Young People.

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