[Air-l] social class and online community

Rhiannon Bury buryrc at rogers.com
Thu Jan 11 16:12:13 PST 2007

I may be a little late in joining but my research on female fan 
communities focusses on the intersection of gender and class (as a 
mobilization of linguistic capital).

Bury, R. (2004). Language on (the) line: class, community and the David 
Duchovny Estrogen Brigades. Electronic Journal of Communication, 14 
(1-2). To be retrieved at <http://www.cios.org/www/ejcmain.htm>.

Bury, R. (2005). Cyberspaces of Their Own. Peter Lang: New York.

Rhiannon  Bury
Assistant Professor and Interim Director
Women's Studies
University of Waterloo
rbury at uwaterloo.ca

Denise N. Rall wrote:

>Yes, the issue of class in computing generally was of
>special interest to noted ethnographer David Hakken,
>and I would suggest that his/Barbara Andrew's research
>applies as well (with some new wrinkles of course) to
>online coummities:
>Hakken, D., & with Andrews, B. 1993. Computing myths,
>class realities: An ethnography of technology and
>working people in Sheffield, England. Boulder:
>Westview Press.
>Hakken, D. 1991. If computing is a cultural process,
>what constructs should inform its practice? Paper
>presented at the Annual Meeting American
>Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL
>Hakken, D. 1993. Computing and social change: New
>technology and workplace transformation, 1980-1990. In
>Annual Review of Anthropology (Vol. 22, pp. 107-132).
>Actually my PhD thesis looks at internet scholarship
>as a potential exercise in cross-purposes between
>academic theory and real life pursuit of knowledge in
>the community of internet scholars, and to explicate
>that arena, I used Hoggart:
>Hoggart, R. 1957. The uses of literacy: Aspects of
>working-class life, with special reference to
>publications and entertainments. London: Chatto &
>Of course it is a different use of Hoggart's theory as
>the working-class became an extended metaphor for
>"real life pursuit of knowledge" rather than a measure
>related to class itself. But Hoggart's tensions
>between 'home' and 'school' might be useful within
>virtual worlds. 
>If this makes no sense query me off list, thanks!
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