[Air-l] MySpace sued again ...

richard.ling at telenor.com richard.ling at telenor.com
Fri Jan 19 12:07:51 PST 2007


It is interesting that there is all the legal stuff here.  At the same
time there is a perceptual issue.  As I recall, one of the things that
helped the migration from MUDS and MOOS over to IM was that IM had a
buddy list.  The MUDS and MOOS were seen as being populated by weird
people and in IM you had a bit more control over who you interacted

My Space goes back to the more open social networking idea (with all the
positive and negative sides of that).  The fact people perceive them are
being slimy places to be (or that parents get that impression) will
perhaps change the willingness of people to hang out there.

"If we believe something to be real, it is real in its consequences"  -
W.I. Thomas  

Rich L. 

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