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Casey O'Donnell odonnc at rpi.edu
Fri Jan 19 13:24:05 PST 2007

One thing interesting about this 30 minute thing is that a recent
study (excerpt below) on casual gaming indicates that even though one
"session" of a game might take 30 minutes, many casual gamers actually
game for 2 or more hours several days a day, which is actually about
on par with "hardcore" gamers. Sometimes this is even contiguous time,
so it might have more to do with styles/types of play. Rather than
previous notions based on the "crevice" idea.

Study: 'Casual' Players Exhibit Heavy Game Usage

A new report released by Macrovision Corporation, which operates the
Trymedia Network for the digital distribution of PC games, reveals
that, according to a recent worldwide survey, 37 percent of those who
use casual games play nine or more two-hour 'sessions' each week.

In addition, the survey, of 789 worldwide participants, found that
casual gameplay happens most often at night, as opposed to during
commute hours or other 'quick break' times during the day, again
indicating that the moniker 'casual' is a little anachronistic for the
gameplay style.

Other findings include the fact that 37 percent of casual game players
are between the ages of 35-49, while 28 percent fall between the ages
of 50-60. Casual game players were found to be predominately female,
with women making up 71 percent of those playing. Interestingly, 58
percent of those surveyed were found to have no children under age 18
living in their households.

Puzzle games was found to be the most popular genre of casual games,
capturing the attention of 67 percent of those surveyed, followed by
card games with 44 percent. 35 percent of the participants preferred
strategy games, while only 34 percent most liked to play action games.

Additional interesting findings in the report include that 30 percent
of those surveyed have downloaded more than 21 games in the last year,
while 70 percent have purchased a game after first playing it free of
charge on the internet. 67 percent indicated that they read game
reviews, and 46 percent of those who do feel they are influenced to
try or purchase a new game by the reviews they read.

"Our survey has determined that mainstream audiences dedicate a
substantial amount of time to gameplay -- not just in 15-minute
increments as previously thought," said Loren Hillberg, executive vice
president and general manager of Commerce at Macrovision. "Whether
advertisers are reaching out to casual or core audiences, we want
them, through the results of our survey, to realize who gamers are,
how they operate and what they like."

On 1/19/07, T. Kennedy <tkennedy at netwomen.ca> wrote:
> But - research has shown that women play these 'casual' games more so then
> men. Why? As noted here, they only take about 30 minutes - and there's a
> plethora of literature regarding the lack of time people have (women in
> particular - call it the double day, triple day or whatever). Some of these
> casual games are sometimes played in the cracks & crevices of the day -
> whether at work - or at home (and sometimes during children's naps).

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