[Air-l] Quantitative Data about the Internet

Frank Thomas news.ftr at free.fr
Sat Jan 20 12:52:15 PST 2007

I don't know why you need American data but if it is only to try out 
SPSS with digital divide data you can download European country data 
broken down by socio-demographic groups from the Eurostat web site:

- Frank Thomas

Marc H. wrote:
> Were do researchers find downloadable, raw data dealing with Internet and
> cell phone use,
> availability, prices and market penetration for North America and Latin
> America?
> Data dealing with digital divide issues would be particularly useful.
> I am searching for a data set that can be placed in SPSS for multivariate
> regression analysis
> in order to improve my understanding of this particular statistical
> software. Since I have not
> yet completed my fieldwork and have no data of my own, it would be great to
> crunch numbers
> about something that is interesting. If someone on this listserv has an SPSS
> data set lying around,
> similar to what I described above, then feel free to contact me off the
> listserv. Thank you for your help.
> Kind regards,
> Marc K. Hebert
> e-mail: mkh at mail.usf.edu

Dr. Frank Thomas
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