[Air-l] internet community breakups

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Not exactly what you requested, but this does review fundamental dimensions 
of offline and online communities, and does discuss influences on online 
community characteristics:
Katz, J. E., Rice, R. E., Acord, S., Dasgupta, K., & David, K.  (2004). 
Personal mediated communication and the concept of community in theory and 
practice. In P. Kalbfleisch (Ed.), Communication and community, 
communication yearbook 28 (pp. 315-370).  Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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> I'm doing an independent study this semester on the breakup of Internet
> communities, which I've called (for the project) Internet community
> dissolution.  I've been able to find plenty of articles on Internet
> communities and relationships, etc, but I haven't seen any on this topic.
> How is this topic generally phrased in the lit?  I came up with absolutely
> no results when I tried searching for it in various forms in my library's
> (pathetic) database.  Can anyone point me in the direction of where to 
> look
> or specific articles on this?
> Also, while I'm here, are there any articles out there that address the
> definition and types of internet communities?  I could list them all out
> from my personal experiences, but I'd like to have something published to
> back up what I say.
> Thanks!
> Ellie
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