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1. I still maintain the cup half-full and half-empty position as a working
hypothesis. While not being a quant chauvanist, I would like to know the
%age of American teens and of their parent/s who are seriously stressed --
more than the typical teen stress of the past.

2. If this %age is large or small, danah's point makes sense: the Internet
creates a visible venue for teens to exhibit such stress and find others
to engage in dysfuncitonal activity. My generation just joined gangs: see
The Wanderers (or read the book).

3. There are some stats that back danah's position that there structural
conditions for teen dysfunctionality are greater than before. Rutgers
sociologist was on CBC this AM maintaining that single parenting is up in
a generation from 17% to 35% (it was pre-coffee: all summaries a bit
vague). And certainly dual jobs are up compared to the 20th century, but
not compared to the 3rd world or the agrarian 19th century.

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