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Hi Mary

Wasn't surprising to me as my wife is a nurse-reseacher (and so are many of
our friends!). I was being slighly tounge-in-cheek... But what does surpise
me (pleasently I should add) is that one particular discipline can gain such
strong expertise in a particular area. 

Nursing is perhaps one of the strongest qualitative research disciplines,
yet it is one that researchers in my discipline (IT) would willingly
overlook as irrelevant. I've had the challenging experience of trying to
convice new reseachers that the best book for them to read is called
'Nursing research' as it is relevant, very well written and accessible! 

It's just a timely reminder to keep looking beyond our own disciplines :-)


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Not clear about why this would be surprising. Did you think that nurses
don't do research, or that they would use another method?


On 26/01/2007, at 9:13 AM, Andy Williamson wrote:
> As for good sources, your issue here is methodology, less so the 
> internet (but it is interesting to see how GTM is used in similar 
> studies) - I would suggest you get clear about GTM, which version you 
> are using and why and this will help you no end. One of the best 
> discipline areas for writings on grounded theory is actually nursing 
> research (I kid you not!).

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