[Air-l] interlinking URLS in university course discussion boards

Stephanie Jo Kent kentcon at sover.net
Sun Jan 28 13:41:32 PST 2007

Hi all,

I finally agreed to teach an online course on interpersonal  
communication because I thought I would be able to use the  
discussions generated as actual 'samples' of discourse/dialogue in  
action:  I've been thinking of this method as a bridge between the  
computer mediated format and the historical subject of the course  
(direct face-to-face interaction).

I've been disappointed to learn that my university's platform won't  
support internal linking in the discussion boards - the URLS there  
"float."  Does anyone know of a platform, or a patch, or a way around  
this problem so that I can craft lesson plans that direct students  
back to look at 'performances' of interpersonal communication that  
they have already enacted?

Thanks, I'll compile a resource list if there's enough to warrant one.


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