[Air-l] audio/video at IR conferences

Ken Cousins kcousins at gvpt.umd.edu
Sun Jul 1 10:10:47 PDT 2007

I suspect that the problem becomes somewhat more tractible as the
importance of maintaining control over the recordings recedes. While the
actual recording itself would still require hardware and at least one
person to man a microphone / camera, hosting the resulting files via one
of the online vid services could externalize that cost.

To the degree that slides are critical for understanding, it also seems
tractible to set up a screencast recorder - tied to live audio - during
each panel. This would require some expertise, and doubtlessly some
experimentation, but again seems quite tractible.

Just a thought.

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>>> elw at stderr.org 06/26/07 3:05 PM >>>

> usual annual question:
> will there be audio/video recordings at an Internet Research
> usual annual response:
> 'no' usually phrased as 'the conference group/exec will discuss it',
> which usually means 'how much will it cost?', which resolves into,
> 'well, yes it can be done, but only if you donate a large sum of
> money, and or do it yourself', which usually resolves into 'no, it
> will not happen.'

folks who're interested in videoing IR should spend a couple of hours 
reading the blogs of the folks who have been doing the video of the 
Debconf series of conferences.  [starting point - 

they've invested SERIOUS time, hardware, and resources into making it 
work.  it is a *hard* problem - completely nontrivial.

I like video as much as the next person - probably more - but this
be a huge committment.

> Personally, I'm against recording any session other than keynotes.  I

> think photographs, blogging, and a back-channel are great additions,
> public recording of session stifles the communal atmosphere where
> can be frank and collegial.

Pretty much on-board with what jeremy just said.  The backchannel is 
particularly useful, IMHO....


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