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Hilary W fluffylittlebunny at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 23:23:49 PDT 2007

My message:

Anyone study Vernacular Creativity and/or Cultural Citizenship?  I need to
find some texts and haven't studied in this area before, and alas, currently
I am in-between Universities and do not have library access to academic
journals! (The horror, the horror)
I am just about to get stuck into my PhD - on yet an entirely different
topic, and other than that, working in the wonders of the IT world (NB, you
may have noticed a recent Irish ad. campaign).  Mind is everywhere
However, the reason I am so interested in vernacular creativity and cultural
citizenship is due to the phenomenon of  Frank Warren's "Postsecret" (found
here if you are not yet aware->http://postsecret.blogspot.com/). I'm looking
at the transformation of the Postcard to the "Postsecret".  The Postcard
being a rather mundane and now outdated method of communication and cultural
creativity, which in my mind, has undergone with the help of Warren's idea,
a transformation to the "Postsecret" - individually created, produced and
Any thoughts or comments? This is the second paper which I plan to present
at AOIR, and with help and advice, hopefully something which many others
will find interesting.


Hilary Wheaton BA (Hons)

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