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WORKSHOP: From HCI to Media Experience: Methodological Implications

DATE: Tuesday, 4th September 2007
CONFERENCE: HCI 2007 Lancaster, UK

The landscape of interactive technology design and evaluation is 
expanding. In the past, usability and task efficiency were the main 
focus for research in human computer interaction; evaluation methods 
worked from single user data over constrained tasks. This kind of 
work remains central to our discipline.

However, these methods were never intended to inform or underpin the 
design and evaluation of media-rich, social technologies. They are 
not aimed at designing for quintessentially elusive concepts like 
"experience" and "engagement". Especially when that experience is not 
individual, but social, where data and performance are spread across 
many people, platforms and devices, and many settings, and where the 
lab test cannot shed light on ways that experience unfolds over time.

In this workshop we invite discussion of approaches and methods aimed 
at the design and measurement of interactive, social media 
experience. The workshop will center on approaches methods that are 
used in the design of short-term engagement and experience, but also 
those that are aimed at consideration of engagement and experience 
over longer durations - from watching a 3-minute, socially tagged 
video online, to massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft 
that take months to unfold, to plug-ins for social networking sites 
like Facebook, to social simulations like Second Life, to social and 
community media-archiving projects. What do these emerging 
experiences tell us about the methods we currently use, and the 
methods we need to develop?

For this workshop, we invite contributions from a diverse range of 
disciplines, including HCI, design, cultural studies, cognitive 
science, psychology, film and media studies, game studies, and 
anthropology, among others, to explore how interactions with 
technology become experiences, and in particular, social and/or 
intimate experiences.

Participants are to explore questions such as the following:

* What is an experience?

* What are the ways in which qualitative and quantitative measures 
can weave together?

* How can we operationalize critical categories into nuanced yet 
verifiable scientific methods?

* How do we make sense of data that are gathered into meaningful 
reflections of people's experience?

* What skills are needed for "experience design"?

The workshop will be a full-day event and will be open to a maximum 
of 15 participants. Please note that registration to the HCI2007 
conference is required, at least for the day of the workshop. For 
details about conference registration, please visit 

This is a full-day workshop. The morning session will consist of 
short presentations and discussion of participants' position papers - 
where participants will be asked to raise questions that are central 
to their current work in designing and evaluating experiences. 
Participants will be encouraged to bring examples of their work, or 
of others' work that has either eluded analysis from traditional 
methods, or has inspired the development of new methods of design and 
analysis that more effectively reflect people's experiences. We 
encourage participants to think broadly, from games to fairground 
rides to immersive learning contexts to psychotherapeutic 
environments - any experiences that can inform approaches that lead 
to deeper understanding of online and embodied media experience.

In the afternoon session, participants will break into small groups 
depending on their main interest and discuss topics. At the end of 
the workshop, the small groups will report back, which will form the 
basis for a plenary discussion.

Elizabeth Churchill (Yahoo! Research)
Jeffrey Bardzell (Indiana University School of Informatics)

4-page position papers should be submitted to Elizabeth Churchill 
(elizabeth.churchill at yahoo-inc.com) by July 25th, 2007. Please mark 
the subject header "HCI 2007 Workshop Submission". For the position 
paper, please use the Word Template that can be found on the workshop 
<http://disc.brunel.ac.uk/HCI2007elearningworkshop/> Acceptance 
notifications will be sent by August 2nd, 2007, in time for the early 
bird registration for the conference.

25 July 07 - position paper deadline
02 Aug 07 - notification of acceptance
05 Aug 07 - early bird registration deadline conference
25 Aug 07 - presentation slides deadline
04 Sept 07 - workshop
Please make sure to use <mailto:tltaylor at itu.dk>tltaylor at itu.dk
(not my GMail account) for correspondence.

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