[Air-l] Poll on annoying Internet neologisms

Alexis Turner subbies at redheadedstepchild.org
Mon Jul 2 12:48:49 PDT 2007

Even prescribed languages evolve.  I am reminded of a friend who was recently in 
France and was being given a hard time because he knew no French and was trying 
to get the locals to speak to him in English - unfortunately, he had just made 
the mistake of using the word "cool" to describe something, and the youths he 
was interacting with were under the impression that "cool" was a French 
word...hence, my friend was lying and must actually know French.

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Peter Timusk wrote:

::Forgive me if I am wrong but French is a prescribed language.
::Peter Timusk,
::On 28-Jun-07, at 5:22 PM, Derek McMillan wrote:
::> Actually I think calling a URL "earl" is rather endearing.
::> None of the top "annoying" neologisms annoy me however. It's a free
::> country, people will develop the language the way they find most
::> convenient and we can't lay down what words will or will not become
::> current. Tell pupils a particular turn of phrase particularly  
::> annoys you
::> and you are asking to hear it at every turn.
::> McDonalds know this to their cost. They have tried to have the term
::> McJob (a low-paid non-union job) removed from the Oxford English
::> Dictionary (and forced their employees to circulate petitions). They
::> only attracted adverse publicity and ridicule for their pains.
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