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State of Play V: Building the Global Metaverse is the fifth annual  
State of Play conference on the future of virtual worlds. Organized  
by New York Law School in conjunction with Trinity University, with  
the support of Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, and Nanyang  
Technological University in Singapore, this year's conference invites  
experts across disciplines to discuss the transnational dimensions of  
the metaverse and the impact of virtual environments on education,  
law, politics, and society.

Virtual worlds are crucial building blocks of global civil society.  
As such, they harbor
great potential for relationship building and cooperation across  
national borders. We hope you will join us for this important  
interdisciplinary conversation about the future of the global  
metaverse. The conference will be held on August 19–22, 2007 in  

The conference will feature experts from around the world speaking  
Cross-cultural communication and avatar-to-avatar diplomacy
Strategies for understanding behaviors and values of virtual world  
Regulating speech, property, and addiction in the metaverse
Building transnational businesses in virtual worlds
Using virtual environments to teach students of all ages
Space, place, and virtual world cultures

We will also present two new documentaries about how global virtual  
worlds intersect with real-world economies and social structures:  
Gold Farmers (2007) and Ideal World (2007). On Wednesday, August 22,  
we will offer six half-day workshops on topics including virtual  
world journalism, using virtual environments to transform global  
business, educational applications of virtual worlds, and managing  
virtual identities.

For conference schedule and registration please visit: www.nyls.edu/ 

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