[Air-l] [AOIR8] Ramada sold out

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Thu Jul 12 14:31:04 PDT 2007

I wouldn't normally pepper you with more than one message per month,  
but I think I should let the list know that the cheaper of the two  
conference hotels - the Ramada - is now sold out, or soon will be. If  
you are looking for a nice hotel in Vancouver, I can recommend the  
Delta which is right across the street from the conference.


I am also negotiating with another hotel, the Quality Inn, for some  
rooms. But I think you might - if you haven't already - want to start  
looking on your own. The internet, I hear, is very good for that sort  
of thing....

If anyone has special needs, or would like a suggestion on where to  
stay, please let me know.


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