[Air-l] Online activism

Derek McMillan derekmcmillan1951 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 14 13:07:44 PDT 2007

I have commented before that the anti-war protests in my home town were 
organised almost exclusively via a yahoo discussion group.

At the moment the campaign for the radical Martin Powell-Davies is being 
organised via a yahoo discussion group, a blog 
http://electmartin.blogspot.com and a website http@//martin4vp.org.uk

Martin is standing for vice president of the National Union of Teachers 
but he is a radical activist in his native Lewisham and the mainstream 
groups in the NUT are all opposed to his activist agenda. To be frank 
they are a little old and tired and "anything for a quiet life" these 
days..Martin's campaign is a direct challenge to the New Labour 
government and the NUT leadership are busy shying away from that.

I also noted that the Campaign for a New Workers' Party has a facebook 
group. This is a turn-up for the book.

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