[Air-l] AoIR 8.0 - Let's Play: New Hotel added and Deadline extended...

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Sun Jul 15 22:28:36 PDT 2007

All you AIRcrastinators!... Get off the phone, stop writing letters with
pens and paper, finish that fax you're working on... it is time to play with
the internet!

That's right - you have been given a reprieve. In two ways. Here are the

Although the Ramada is now fully booked, I've found another discount hotel
(details on the wiki:
http://wiki.aoir.org/index.php?title=IR8_Quality_Details) for those of you
looking for a less expensive option (also $79/night AND free internet). It
is a bit further away, but not crazy (1.8km or just over a mile). The Delta
- right across the street - still has rooms and I can highly recommend it. A
bit more expensive, sure, but you're worth every penny, aren't you?

The "early bird rate" has been extended for a week, until July 22. Get 'em
while they're hot, folks! Stop in at the AIR registration page and let your
mouse/fingers/credit card do the rest: http://www.aoir.org/?q=conf

There. You've got all you need - a place to register and a place to stay
when you get here. What more is there in life?

Oh yeah. When will you present? That's (almost) done, too. Mia tells me she
is just putting the finishing touches on things and should have the schedule
posted by the end of this week.

I am heading out of town for a week - a remote First Nation village that has
internet connectivity via satellite - so may be slow responding. But then,
you kids can take care of yourselves, right? Just keep the music down and
remember to feed the cat.

Hi ho.


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