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Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Mon Jul 2 17:25:09 PDT 2007

The book Annette Markham and I are working on is not out yet, but 
starting points would include:

Christine Hine _Virtual Ethnography_
Christine Hine _Virtual Methods_
Chris Mann _Internet Research and Qualitative Methods_
Annette Markham _Life Online_

Some examples of online ethnographies in addition to those embedded 
in the above would be :

Lori Kendall _Hanging Out In The Virtual Pub_
my own _Tune In, Log On_

And that's just the books that are most relevant, there are many 
articles published in the last decade as well.

In short, there's a ton of examples and explicit considerations of 
the methodological considerations entailed in online ethnography.


>Hi all-
>I was wondering if anyone has come across articles and literature on 
>doing online ethnography. I know that AOIR has put together an 
>ethical document on doing online research more broadly, but has there 
>been any kind of exploration of the role and definition of 
>ethnography in online environments? It seems to me that there has 
>been work into online communities and online behaviors and practices 
>through the use offline ethnography, but has there been any kind of 
>consideration of what online ethnography would look like or be 
>defined as?
>Lilly Nguyen
>PhD Student, Dept. of Information Studies
>lillynguyen at ucla.edu
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