[Air-l] Favorite Link Analysis Software

Barry Saunders b.saunders at qut.edu.au
Mon Jul 2 19:34:58 PDT 2007

have you tried issuecrawler? it's at http://issuecrawler.net

platform independent, through it uses SVG files to output.

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On 7/3/07, elw at stderr.org <elw at stderr.org> wrote:
> > Do list members have a preferred program for analyzing links between
> > webpages? In particular, I'm looking for something that can take a blog
> > (or really any website), spider through the site, and record where the
> > links go to.
> We usually end up re-writing/tweaking code to do link extraction (e.g.
> weblogs, FOAF, vlogs, whatever) on a project-by-project basis.  The data
> being collected usually differs enough that one would want to do
> significant tweaking for each new project.
> Once you have the links out, of course, you can do whatever sort of
> analysis your heart desires.
> Most of the link-extraction code that i've written is in shell scripts and
> outputs plain text files full of data.  Pretty low to the ground stuff,
> mostly absent of portability problems.
> I find that this is a not uncommon approach to the problem.  Once you have
> a pretty well-refined idea of what data you are looking for and what
> patterns in the data are exploitable for your data collection, getting a
> piece of code pinned down to grab the data is usually the least of your
> problems.
> --e
> > While there are no lack of computer science papers on such software,
> > those are usually published when the programs are in pre-alpha, so I
> > was hopping that someone knows of a close-to-stable program. While
> > working on a mac would be preferable, I can learn to live with a
> > Windows or Linux one.
> >
> > Any advice for the list for link analysis software that works and
> > isn't a huge pain to set up and use?
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Ben Spigel
> > Graduate Student
> > Department of Geography
> > The Ohio State University
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