[Air-l] Ethnicity and race in social networking sites

Ulf-Dietrich Reips ureips at genpsy.unizh.ch
Sun Jul 8 20:12:34 PDT 2007

Hi Henry,
please explain: what exactly do you mean by "race"? Certain genetic lumps?
Best --u

At 1:38 Uhr +0200 9.7.2007, henry mainsah wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I am currently doing research on the use of social networking sites by
>Norwegian ethnic minority youth. My study focuses on Norwegian social
>networking sites as well as other popular sites like Facebook, Myspace, and
>Hi5, all of which are popular among the target group of my study. The
>methods I use involve in-depth interviews and a discourse analysis of
>personal profile pages. I am looking at processes of identity construction
>and the potential of social networking sites as spaces of free expression.
>I am at the moment trying to update my reading list on the subject, so if
>anyone has any suggestions on literature related to race and ethnicity in
>social networking sites, and on the internet in general, I would really
>appreciate your contribution.
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