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Alex Randall Alex at islands.vi
Tue Jul 10 18:38:41 PDT 2007

I recommend Questioning the Media: A Critical Introduction (Paperback)
by John Downing, Ali Mohammadi, Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi  SAGE 
Publications (USA); 2Rev Ed edition (May 1995)

It is older - pub is 1995 so not hip with Web 2 talk, but rich with insights 
in the major media and the way media interacts with culture. Who runs the 
media, how they work, what does it all mean...

I use this book to cover the broadcast topics and do all of the web related 
topics using the web.

Alex Randall
Prof of Communication
Univ of the Virgin Islands

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> Hello All,
> I am picking up a class at a California State U campus and would 
> appreciate some textbook suggestions. It is an evening lecture course that 
> meets once a week with 40 students (semester system). It is a required 
> course. The CSU student population tends to be diverse and often older 
> (average mid-to-late 20s). Ideally, I would like something that integrates 
> new and old media. The program is in Radio, Television, Film, and Theatre 
> and regularly uses web-based technologies (WebCT).
> Here is the catalog description:
> Media Theory and Research
> Theories of audience behavior and analysis of current social research on 
> mass media. Emphasis on interplay between telecommunications media and 
> interpersonal communication, especially uses and effects of media 
> involving peer groups,
> minorities, children and families.
> Prereq's are Broadcast Communications (industry/regulations/technology) 
> and Electronic Media and Culture.

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