[Air-l] ICE-T again

elw at stderr.org elw at stderr.org
Thu Jul 12 06:08:00 PDT 2007

> While writing my thesis, I actually dug down and did a genres of 
> computing, because they do stem from different programming algorithms.


I'm a little puzzled by the way that you're using the word "algorithms" 
here, because I don't really see anything that I would call an algorithm 
popping up in the lists below.  ['analysis' or 'modeling' might be natural 
places for algorithmic activity to take place, however...]

Might it not be simpler to call these "computing paradigms" and to assert 
that they are evolutionary stages in popular conceptualizations of how 
computing 'works' and is used.. or maybe that's where you're headed?  :)

Hopefully the chart that you're going to put up will clarify some of this 
a bit.

I also wonder if maybe this would make more sense as a tree-structure, 
rather than in the form that it currently is... it does seem a little bit 



> High level:
> collecting & processing (from tabulation, US census)
> conveying
> scheduling (Sabre)
> analyzing
> second level:
> collecting >indexing and reporting (COBOL; Fortran)
> conveying >analyzing> [scientific
> applications]predicting & modeling
> third level, takes off from second level:
> conveying > performing
> predicting & modeling > performing
> performing & conveying> 1) virtual identity
> performing & modeling> 2)virtual community
> Ah this doesn't make any sense written up like this.
> Barry, check website in another week and I will stick
> the table up there.
> My point is, these genres are derived from computer
> operations that then branch out discretely into common
> applications that can be shown to have a shared root
> algorithm. CMC, ICT, ICE-T is just a way to classify a
> set of activities without necessarily capturing the
> root activity shared thoughout the system.

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