[Air-l] Is all Communication Commercial?

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
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Charlie Balch wrote "At a basic level we are all communicating feed and don't hurt me.
 Once that message is received we can discuss what car I should buy or even the
nature of communication." 
  I just received the post with this due to a computer glitch. Just wanted to add:
  That was basically (!) what I had in mind tho without the background reading you mention, which certainly ratchets up the interpretation. It was the fight/flight duality in mamals that was in my mind but also the basic functions of cells (respiration, excretion, reproduction, growth, mobility if memory serves). No, I haven't worked it out in detail, but that cellular exonomics, so to speak, was in my mind as well as at the human level the psychology of making sometimes instinctual sometimes more cultural chioices as they occur. 
  I think its been proven that fetal consciousness in the womb is developed to learn linguistically (interpreting at least tone of voice so as to distinguish between anger/calm, happy/sad, etc). But I don't know the actual age at which this begins. Sorry for all lthis halfway researfch but it seems to me that it was Melanie Klein who developed a theory interpreting agression based on infants' interpretation of a good and bad breast, the former one giving milk, the latter not. Then finally : ) there was the thought which I have from reading Julia Kristeva to the effect that the child must lose touch with the "maternal object" in order to enter into the process of symbol creating. 
  I may have been hasty about assuming that commerce and economy (in the production, not the thrifty sense) are separate. For commerce my battered Webster's Ninth Collegiate gives (1) "social intercourse : interchange of ideas, opinions, or sentiments". An interesting development from my pioint of view. Thanks again for your comments!
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