[Air-l] Doctorow on Dealing With Trolls

Ellie Wix elliewix at gmail.com
Thu May 17 10:14:11 PDT 2007

>And what do we call a troll who, once booted off of a list, then

> resubscribes under a pseudonym, only to be booted off again - but then who
> manages to resubscribe under still another pseudonym, but this time,
> despite
> being recognized as the original troll by many members of the list
> (because
> of similar argumentative and rhetorical moves, writing style, etc.), just
> barely manages to avoid getting booted because he largely remains within
> the
> boundaries of proscribed behavior - although he also manages to spam the
> list with adverts for his own conference?
> curiously,
> - charles ess

I can't speak specifically for email lists, but on LiveJournal they would be
called 'sockpuppet' accounts.  I'm not sure where the term was created.


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