[Air-l] Why Am I Only Communicating with Text?

Charles Balch Ph.D. charlie at balch.org
Fri May 25 12:29:25 PDT 2007

Steve ponders: "all of us on this list are using "printed words," and only
printed words, to do our communicating. Is that because we are academics and
"printed words" are the status symbol of the academy? Or is there some other

Charlie replies: Oddly, given that this a discussion hosted by AOIR, I
*only* use words because that is all this list allows. I can play a bit with
text but ASCII is limited. 

Content constrained
Loss through a lens of just text
No picture, no sound

Maybe all we need is text for these kind of discussions but here's an
interesting link on art with video/audio content that I ran across this
morning that I don't think could be replicated with just text.

       ,MMM8&&&.              `'MMM88&&&,
      MMMMM88&&&&                'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                 'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                   'MMM88&&&
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                    'MMM88&&&
      MMMMM88&&&&                       MMM88&&&
       'MMM8&&&'     MMMM888&&&&         'MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
       ,MMM8&&&.                          MM88&&&
      MMMMM88&&&&                        ,MM88&&&
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                      MMM88&&&'
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                     MMM88&&&'
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                   MMM88&&&'
      MMMMM88&&&&                  MMM88&&&'
       'MMM8&&&'                MMM88&&&'

Grin copied from http://www.asciiworld.com/smiley.html

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