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Alex -Vipowernet alex at islands.vi
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In the DOS era - before Windows - all file names were 8 characters long, so listserve.exe would have been truncated to listserv.exe. Probably the reason it is 8 characters long.  Who did it? Who wrote it? No idea... 

Alex Randall - survivor of DOS 1.0 in 1981... 

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  I may have asked this before (I know I've at least raised the issue
  elsewhere, perhaps not here), but anyone how or when mailing lists became
  "listserves"? The etymological origin is probably ListServ (with MajorDomo,
  one of the leading mailing list software programs) and "list server", that
  beast which manages mailing lists. Was the adoption vague and gradual, or is
  there someone to whom blame (credit?) can be pinned?


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