[Air-L] "Network Neutrality Squad": Users Protecting an Open and Fair Internet

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Tue Nov 6 04:54:11 PST 2007

>  "Network Neutrality Squad": Users Protecting an Open and Fair  
> Internet
>               http://lauren.vortex.com/archive/000327.html
> Greetings.  I'm very pleased to announce a new project from
> PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility:
>               "Network Neutrality Squad" - NNSquad
>                      http://www.nnsquad.org
> Joining PFIR Co-Founders Peter G. Neumann and I in this announcement
> are Keith Dawson (Slashdot.org), David J. Farber (Carnegie
> Mellon University), Bob Frankston, Phil Karn (Qualcomm),
> David P. Reed, Paul Saffo, and Bruce Schneier (BT Counterpane).
> Recent events such as Comcast's lack of candor regarding their
> secretive disruption of BitTorrent protocols, and Verizon's altering
> of domain name lookup results to favor their own advertising pages,
> are but tip-of-the-iceberg examples of how easily Internet
> operations can be altered in ways that may not be immediately
> obvious, but that still can have dramatic, distorting, and in some
> cases far-reaching negative consequences for the Internet's users.
> The Network Neutrality Squad ("NNSquad") is an open-membership,
> open-source effort, enlisting the Internet's users to help keep the
> Internet's operations fair and unhindered from unreasonable
> restrictions.
> The project's focus includes detection, analysis, and incident
> reporting of any anticompetitive, discriminatory, or other
> restrictive actions on the part of Internet service Providers (ISPs)
> or affiliated entities, such as the blocking or disruptive
> manipulation of applications, protocols, transmissions, or
> bandwidth; or other similar behaviors not specifically requested by
> their customers.
> Other key aspects of the project are discussions, technology
> development and deployment, and associated activities -- fostering
> cooperation and mutually agreeable methodologies whenever
> possible -- aimed at keeping the Internet a maximally unhindered,
> useful, competitive, fair, and open environment for the broadest
> possible range of applications and services.
> We invite individual, commercial, nonprofit, government, and all
> other Internet users and stakeholders (including ISPs) to
> participate in the Network Neutrality Squad.
> Please join the moderated mailing list (choice of immediate
> distribution or digest) for project announcements and discussions,
> by sending a message (any subject or text) to:
> nnsquad-subscribe at nnsquad.org
> or by signing up at the mailing list Web page:
> http://lists.nnsquad.org/mailman/listinfo/nnsquad
> A moderated, interactive discussion and incident reporting forum is
> also available for more real-time communications on related topics:
> http://forums.pfir.org/main/messages/714/714.html
> Questions and comments are welcome at nnsquad-info at nnsquad.org, or
> feel free to contact me directly for details.
> Working together, we can help to keep the Internet an incredibly
> useful resource for everyone around the globe, unhampered by any
> efforts to skew its enormous capabilities in ways that could hinder
> the many while benefiting the relative few.
> We hope that you'll join this cause. Thank you for your
> consideration.
> --Lauren--
> (Affiliations shown for identification purposes only.)
> Lauren Weinstein
> lauren at vortex.com or lauren at pfir.org
> Tel: +1 (818) 225-2800
> http://www.pfir.org/lauren
> Co-Founder, PFIR
>  - People For Internet Responsibility - http://www.pfir.org
> Founder, PRIVACY Forum - http://www.vortex.com
> Member, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy
> Lauren's Blog: http://lauren.vortex.com

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