[Air-L] Literature request - harm and offence arising from Internet content and behaviour

David Brake d.r.brake at lse.ac.uk
Tue Oct 2 04:37:16 PDT 2007

In 2006 I contributed to the following book:

Livingstone, S. M. and A. M. Hargrave (2006) Harm and Offence in Media
Content: A Review of the Evidence, Intellect, Bristol.

It included a section on the harms and offence arising from Internet  
use. Themes covered at the
time were:

Harmful contact (paedophiles, bullying, stalking)
Hate content online

We will be producing a supplement to this book which will be  
available online and which will incorporate research from 2005 to the  
present (including if possible as-yet-unpublished work). If you have  
produced or are aware of any research on these themes or others you  
believe  please either share them here or email me off-list as soon  
as possible.

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