[Air-L] Air-L Digest, Vol 39, Issue 10

Margie Borschke margieborschke at iinet.net.au
Tue Oct 9 15:54:32 PDT 2007

On 10/10/2007, at 6:34 AM, air-l-request at listserv.aoir.org wrote:

> For instance we don't have the same background of
> libertarianism in Canada. We like our good government, peace and  
> order.

Nice use of the 1960s cultural myth of Canada. The liberal party lost  
hold of government in the last election because of a corruption  
scandal. Money has a huge, often corrupting influence on politics in  
most countries.  Canada is no exception.

Libertarianism has had many guises in Canada from the Western wing of  
the conservatives to the more left-leaning folks who were behind  the  
(about-to-be turned-back) reforms in laws around the prohibition of  
marijuana. (Mark Emory is nothing if not a libertarian.)

> I will listen to his interview but I like to offer the above warning.
> I did learn a lot reading his book but that was his technical
> analysis which was a bit of a help even if borrowed and inaccurate.

Missing the point of a lot of Lessig's work if you accuse him of  

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