[Air-L] e-reading limitations

Cristian Berrio Zapata CRISTIAN.BERRIO at cable.net.co
Thu Oct 11 07:47:30 PDT 2007

Dear all:
I use to digitalize documents to facilitate my students access to
information. It is also quite useful when working with virtual classrooms
(i.e. Moodle or Blackboard). Unfortunatelly I have found an unexpected
With MSOffice suite 2003, Microsoft used to include a program called MS
Document Imaging produced under licensce of Scan Soft Inc. It is a *.tif
reader which is quite useful (pro versions include tools like underline and
notes). Big trouble is that MS decided to exclude it from MSOffice suite
2007, so many of my students are blocked when getting to read.
Does anyone of you know about a TIF document reader which is free and has a
decent quality?
NOTE: Adobe reader does not reconise TIF as it is the competitors' format.
Thanks for your help.
Cristian Berrio Zapata

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