[Air-L] [AoIR 8] Message to delegates

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Thu Oct 11 15:11:22 PDT 2007

Dear AoIR 8 ("Let's Play!) delegates,

The program is printed, the food is ordered, the extra security has  
been arranged. All is set for your edification and amusement next  
week in Vancouver. All we need now are the nerds (Ahem, Internet  
Researchers...), so get those suitcases packed and hop on a plane.

I have received a few inquiries about various logistical matters and  
hope to clear many of them up in this email. If you have other  
questions, however, don't hesitate to contact me.

0. Registration

	The registration will be open on a limited basis on Wednesday,  
October 17, to process folks who arrive early for the workshops. If  
you get into town during the day on Wednesday, drop in and pick up  
your bag, but after 9:30 when the workshop folks will be in their  
sessions, please. Registration is in the front hallway, just as you  
come into the building at 515 West Hastings Street. It will be open  
8-4 the rest of the conference.

1. Presentations

	There is a computer and LCD projector - with proper external  
speakers - in every room. No need to bring your own laptop, and in  
fact you will find it easier and simpler to just bring your  
presentation on a CD or USB stick/drive. There is an old fashioned  
overhead projector in every room, as well.

2. Coffee

	We will have coffee and *some* snacks before the event begins each  
morning, and then again at 10am and 3pm. Remember, the first session  
is at 8:30am... so don't sleep in!

3. Lunch

	Lunch is provided. You are welcome to use your lunch time - we  
scheduled 90 minutes for lunch - to go outside, but a modest lunch  
buffet will be available for all delegates.

4. Reception

	There is an opening reception on Wednesday, October 17, starting at  
7pm. The reception is sponsored by University of Washington's School  
of Communication. We've had a larger than expected number of people  
indicate that they were coming, so we've tried to lay on a bit more  
snacks and wine, but please be understanding if there is no more free  
booze when you get here. The bar will stay open, on a cash basis,  
until 9pm. Then you are on your own. Have fun, but be safe.

5. Banquet

	The banquet is an extra cost option, which many of you did select,  
but it is now sold out. Numerous other dining and entertainment  
options exist in Vancouver - a tourist guide will be in your  
conference pack - and our registration staff will be happy to make  
suggestions. Most downtown things are easily walkable from the  
conference site.

6. Internet

	Yes, we will have (wired and wireless) internet connections  
available for those of you with your own laptops. An instruction  
guide with user ID and password for the campus network is in the back  
of your badge holder. A limited number of workstations available in  
the computer labs for those of you who do not have a computer with  
you. Please give (anxious about midterms) students priority in those  
labs, however.

7. Crowds

	We have had a large response and it is possible that your  
presentation room or the keynote will be over full. Please be  
patient. In some cases we may be able to move to a larger room, but  
in other situations you might have to crowd in or go to another  
session. If that happens, look on the bright side: at least our  
research area is sufficiently popular to create a crowd!

8. Program

	The program is available through the AoIR wiki: http://wiki.aoir.org/ 
index.php?title=About_IR8.0  and you can also download the complete  
program from my personal web space, here: http://www.sfu.ca/~smith/ 
AoIR2007ProgramOct11.pdf You will find a "conference at a glance in  
the program and in the back of your badge-holder, or you can memorize  
this pattern: parallel sessions, coffee, keynote, lunch, parallel  
sessions, coffee, parallel sessions. That is the order of things on  
Thursday and Saturday. On Friday, our keynote is in the afternoon so  
the pattern is slightly altered: parallel sessions, coffee, parallel  
sessions, lunch, parallel sessions, coffee, keynote.

9. AGM

	The Annual General Meeting begins promptly at 5pm in room 1900,  
following Henry Jenkins' keynote address. If you don't wish to  
participate in the AGM, kindly exit to the lobby, where Dr Jenkins  
will be available for a few minutes following his talk.

10. Tags

	Internet researchers understand the value of ad-hoc networks, and I  
encourage you to create delicious tags, twitter tags, jaiku tags,  
flickr tags, irc channels, skype message groups, whatever... aoir8 is  
a distinctive and easily used "tag" and might suit your needs and  
help others find you. I don't have an official photographer for this  
event (yet) but I hope that a few of you might bring your cameras.

11. Weather

	Vancouver in the fall is cool (10-15 degrees celsius, or mid-50s for  
those in Farenheit) and a high probability of showers. Dress warmly,  
bring a waterproof jacket, and shoes that you can walk in the rain in  
and not have wet feet. You'll have more fun.

I can't think of anything more, so I will send this off now. I hope  
you have a safe and pleasant trip to Vancouver and that your hotel  
arrangements are comfortable, and I look forward to seeing you all  
here next week.


Richard Smith, Professor, School of Communication
Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, CANADA  
V6B 5K3
New phone number: +1 778 782 5116 Web: http://www.sfu.ca/~smith/  
Skype - callto://richard_k_smith
New book: http://arago.cprost.sfu.ca/smith/mawc

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